What are you doing to keep your children, your family, yourself fit and healthy? There are a lot of options right here in Clarke County, from gym memberships and other programs. But did you know Clarke County Development Corporation along with Clarke Schools, Clarke County Hospital and the City of Osceola is continuing health and wellness work to improve Clarke County and create an inviting living space to help grow the community and promote health and wellness at all ages.

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Click to view the trails and sidewalks development progress map.

2015 saw great progress in the Safe Routes to School initiative. With wider sidewalks for students and a great start to a trail system throughout the city, 2016 will continue that progress with additional trails around the North and East sides of Q Pond as well as more sidewalk improvements for our kids.

“These grants from Wellmark and other supporters give Osceola the opportunity to create a clean and safe environment for our children as well as position Osceola as an exercise and fitness destination for Southern Iowa,” Says Bill Trickey of CCDC.

The Health and Wellness Committee is continuing to look for new ways to encourage all ages to consider making small changes and healthy choices. There are amazing ideas being researched and planned for future Health Improvement grants. For example, Clarke Schools is looking into creating a renewable energy greenhouse that can be integrated into the curriculum, giving students the opportunity to learn how to grow their own produce as a healthy and economical option. The hospital is considering a partnership program with the school and the city to create a “Health University” where classes will be available to the public on various pressing health issues such as advance directives, diabetes education, and nutrition in the community.

Since this was the first Committee meeting of 2016, many ideas were discussed but these were a few that showed the most potential. The Committee will be applying for a grant for the ISU Extension Food and Nutrition program to continue its health outreach in the elementary schools. They bring in new fruits and vegetables for the students to try, letting them learn about how to cook them and how they taste, also doing fun and exciting experiments that demonstrate the impact of the food and health choices they make.

The Health and Wellness Committee will continue to bring new and innovative ways to benefit the community now and into the future. Through special grants from corporate sponsors, state and federal government programs, private donations and other resources, we will be able to make health and wellness throughout our community.

If you’d like more information or would like to participate as a volunteer with one or more of these programs, please contact Bill Trickey or Elizabeth Simpson at The Clarke County Development Corporation – 641-342-2944 or email: [email protected]