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Sandy Kale and Brandon Patterson commemorate the loyalty and leadership she provided to the community.

Sandy Kale, Chairperson for the Clarke County Reservoir Commission since its inception, stepped down from the position in July. Brandon Patterson, Osceola Water Works Superintendent, was elected as the new CCRC Chairperson to complete the vision that began nearly 30 years ago.

Sandy has spent much of her life serving the people of Osceola and working to protect and improve their water supply. She was chair of the Osceola Water Board for 19 years and played a crucial leadership role in creating the Clarke County Reservoir Commission and as a champion for an improved water supply. Serving as the chairperson for the Commission since its beginning in December of 2002, Sandy has been part of the reservoir exploration for nearly 30 years. After the last major upgrade to West Lake in which the dam was raised and capacity increased, it was determined there were no further expansion opportunities at that site.

Sandy is one of the strongest and most determined people I have ever met,” said Patterson .  “Her determination has lead the project to the point it’s at today.”  The most important thing Sandy has taught me regarding this project is to never give up.  I am confident that working together we can build a quality water supply for Clarke County.

From that time, Sandy worked tirelessly with local, state and federal agencies and politicians to create the best solution for the current and future water supply needs for Osceola and surrounding areas. She has been a fierce advocate for the CCRC and saw the opportunity for the local option sales tax to be redirected toward the reservoir costs, knowing federal funds wouldn’t fully cover the project.

Sandy’s tenacity has served the Commission well, providing respectable, responsible local representation in the face of obstacles large and small,” said Dave Beck, Project Coordinator for the CCRC.

After 15 years, Sandy has decided to step down to spend more time with family and pursue other interests. Her replacement, Brandon Patterson, has been Water Works Superintendent since 2010 and will continue the drive to secure a safe, sufficient water supply for Osceola for years to come.

As a member of the Commission, I have relied heavily on Sandy’s leadership and continue to seek her advice on key issues”. Bill Trickey, Secretary CCRC.

The next time you see Sandy, be sure to stop and take a moment to thank her for her decades of service to the people of Osceola and to wish her well.

For more information about the Clarke County Reservoir project, you can contact Dave Beck, Project Coordinator for the Clarke County Reservoir Commission, at 641-782-4033, or [email protected].