Clarke County State Bank, through the John T. Vucurevich Foundation, continues to support Clarke Elementary School as an official school in “The Leader in Me” program. Since 2012, CCSB has been a strong contributor to the program providing the base funding for its launch with foundation grants and bank donations. Collaborating with Randy Bolton, Clarke Elementary’s Assistant Principal on the integration and promotion of the program and making sure resources are available for the kids involved was the basis for the success that has been achieved.

“When we first applied for the Leader in Me program grant in 2011, it was our goal to increase our support of Clarke Community Schools through the Covey program,” said Dave Selene, Bank President. “Providing the kids in our community access to these leadership skills has shown impressive results – from better grades and success rates to students taking part in leadership roles throughout the community.”

Based on the Franklin Covey book “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People”, The Leader in Me is a program designed specifically for elementary students. The program teaches students important life skills that they can utilize every day in the hallways and classrooms, boosting their independence and self-confidence.

The Seven Habits teach students to take initiative in life and responsibility for their choices, how to set life goals, how best to prioritize the week’s tasks, to strive for a win-win solution in all relationships, to understand and be understood, to combine the strengths of the group for the benefit of all, and that renewing resources, energy and health is essential for success. By starting in Elementary school, this program provides life-long “habits” and processes to stay organized and to be successful in all business and personal relationships.

“This was a huge undertaking for a school our size,” said Randy Bolton, Clarke Elementary School’s Assistant Principal, “With CCSB’s support we were able to build the core processing language these kids need to succeed as they move on through middle school and high school.”

At Clarke Elementary, students are given leadership roles and responsibilities in the classroom. This teaches the students to be invested in the classroom and that their choices can truly affect their school experience. Students are afforded the opportunity to feel an ownership in their school and their own education through setting their own academic, social and attendance goals.

Clarke County State Bank, through the John T. Vucurevich Foundation, secured a grant of $33,000 to fund The Leader in Me program at Clarke Elementary. CCSB has been a consistent advocate of developing leaders in Osceola and Clarke County who will use those skills to better their local communities.

The Leader in Me continues to equip students with the self-confidence and life skills necessary to be successful today and well into the future. For more information about The Leader in Me, contact Clarke Elementary Principal Jill Kiger or Assistant Principal Randy Bolton.