Can you believe we’re talking registration for school already? We just celebrated the 4th of July and poof, classes will be starting in just a few weeks. Well, ready or not, Clarke Community Schools has been doing some work behind the scenes to get ready for you.

Clarke Community Schools has been working to make the upcoming registration process easier for everyone involved.  For years, registration days have been filled with long lines and occasional confusion, but this year the process will be streamlined through the new online registration portal made available to parents and students through Infinite Campus.

This is something that many families, the school board, and community members have been asking for for a long time,” said Steve Seid, Clarke Community Schools Superintendent. “This summer, we worked to make sure the new registration system was properly integrated, tested, and we had the bugs worked out before registration day.  We’re excited to be able to provide this service to the community.”

clarke community schools osceola online registration

Click the image above to link directly to the Infinite Campus portal log-in.

Parents and students familiar with Infinite Campus will have the option to simply log in, check scheduling requirements for their student, and get classes registered online. The process is self-guided and has been made as simple as possible for families needing to register early or wanting to avoid the congestion of registration day at the school. The online registration system also allows each student to get their classes set up and to pay for registration all within their Infinite Campus portal.

Of course, families that would like assistance with the registration process can come to the school and get registered Tuesday, August 1st from 9am to 7pm.  Staff members will be on hand, with 42 computers available to help parents and students get registered. Translators will also be available for our non-English speaking students and families.

Infinite Campus is a national education management portal that Clarke Community Schools has been utilizing for quite a while. Students and families can track classroom progress and assignments as well as school account balances through the system. The option to integrate online bill-paying is available and account status alerts can be received through the Infinite Campus portal as well as through the users’ email.

If you have questions regarding upcoming class registration at Clarke Community Schools, you can contact Steve Seid, Clarke Community Schools Superintendent at 800 N Jackson St, Osceola, IA 50213, phone: (641) 342-4969 or email: [email protected].