Celebrating 50 Years of Building for A Strong Clarke Future

Clarke County Development Corporation 50th Anniversary

Sunday evening, the event center at Lakeside Resort and Casino was the location of a gathering to celebrate the milestones made by the Clarke County Development Corporation (CCDC) over the last 50 years.  With CCDC board members – past and present – local leadership, regional business owners,

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August 6th Special Vote on Clarke County Supervisors – Options and Information

clarke county supervisors special ballot

NOTICE:  In the Osceola Sentinel’s print version of this feature, it was inadvertently stated that “Plan 2” would remove the requirement for the representative to live in the district for which they represent. That was a misstatement and has been retracted from this posting. The information in

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Osceola Manufacturing Interns See a Bright Future

work in osceol aiowa clarke county

When it comes to helping a community grow, the future choices of its young workforce and their families makes a big difference. At Wednesday’s CEO Luncheon, sponsored by the Clarke County Development Corporation, over 35 professionals, including Paul Dunnwald from Iowa State University’s Center for Industrial Research

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Clarke Industrial Tech Advisory Board Members Team Up To Support Backpack Program

clarke county schools backpack program

Members from the Clarke Industrial Tech Advisory Board have joined forces with the United Methodist Church in Osceola to help students in Clarke County get off on the right foot this school year. For the last seventeen years, the United Methodist Church has been running a program

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Call To Action: Clarke County Health Needs Assessment Survey

How can you help Clarke County get and stay more healthy? The walking paths, bike sharing program, health and wellness classes and activities available to the community have made a tremendous impact on where Clarke County and Osceola ranks for health in the state (improving from 98th

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