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Saylor Realty has been proudly serving Clarke County and surrounding areas for over 40 years and they want to share this milestone with you! Join Helen Saylor-Kimes and the whole Saylor Realty team for an Open House at 320 West McLane in Osceola Friday, May 19th, from 3-6 pm.

Helen appreciates the wonderful experience she has had living and working in Osceola and continues to work with her husband, Gary Kimes, on community improvements. She also works tirelessly with the Saylor Realty team to build home-buying and business opportunities that will continue to grow long into the future.

This community’s future is brighter today than we’ve ever seen it and we look forward to continuing our service for years to come.”

Saylor Realty was opened on the Osceola square in 1977 by Eddy Saylor and Helen Saylor-Kimes and has been an integral part of the Osceola community ever since. Outside of the four decades of real estate transactions Osceola families have taken advantage of, the realtors and their team worked tirelessly to secure land and negotiate placements of many of the businesses in the Industrial Park that have become the lifeblood of Osceola. Saylor Realty was instrumental in bringing such businesses as Boyt Harness, Babson (Mueller), Jimmy Dean and Furnas (Altec) to the community, always with the success and growth of Osceola as the main goal.

Through Saylor Realty, Eddy and Helen became very involved in Osceola. They raised their family in Osceola, with all of their children graduating from Clarke Schools, and both served proudly as President of the Clarke County Development Corporation (CCDC) and on the Board of Directors. It was through their involvement with the CCDC and their relationships with the community that the Lakeside Hotel and Casino was brought to Osceola.

In the mid-1990s, after Des Moines had rejected a proposal to place a casino on Gray’s Lake, Eddy and I were flying to Mankato with Dr and Mrs. Kimble. The flight took us over West Lake and the discussion turned to how a casino could benefit Osceola. When we returned, Eddy contacted Argosy, hired a plane and flew their representative over the area. Saylor Realty and the CCDC worked together to find the best location for Lakeside Casino and are very proud of all the amenities that have been brought to Osceola because of it.”

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Helen continues to contribute to the growth of our community through her selfless service on the Executive Committee of CCDC. I value her insight and determination to see the community prosper!” says Bill Trickey, Executive Director CCDC.

Future development opportunities – both residential and commercial – continue to keep the Saylor Realty team busy with no end in sight.

Please visit the Open House on Friday, May 19th, to celebrate this tremendous milestone with Helen Saylor-Kimes and the Saylor Realty team! For more information, contact Saylor Realty at 641-342-2121.