Fire up your grill, get your sauces and spice rubs ready, and join the Osceola Fire Department for their 5th Annual BBQ Contest on July 2nd at the Osceola Fire Station!

OsceolaBBQThis is going to be the biggest and best year for this delicious BBQ contest that you’ve ever seen! Thanks to some great sponsors, Casey’s General StoreHy-Vee and JBC Custom Vinyls, there will be fantastic cash prizes and trophies to give out to the winners!

The Official Rules of the Fire Department BBQ Contest:

  1. Have FUN!
  2. All meats are to be provided by contestants.
  3. All contestants must be checked in and have $25 entry fee paid by 11:00am on Saturday, July 2nd
  4. All meats must be cooked on site. (Prep and seasoning may be done prior to arriving.)
  5. All point ties for placings will be decided by coin toss.
  6. See Judging Sheet for BBQ Contest Scoring and Points.
  7. Turn in times are as follows:
    1. BBQ Beans 4-4:10pm
    2. Chicken 4:25-4:35pm
    3. Ribs 4:50-5pm
    4. Loin 5:15-5:25pm
  8. Wash station is not provided.
  9. Electrical power is not provided.
  10. Hot charcoal or wood disposal point will be provided.
  11. Trophies will be awarded as follows:
    1. Grand Champion (Highest Total Points)
    2. Reserve Grand Champion (Second Highest Total Points)
    3. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places for Chicken, Pork Ribs, and Pork Loin
    4. 1st Place for Beans
  12. Prize money schedule – 100% of entry fees plus $100 from Hy-Vee and $100 from JBC Custom Vinyls
    1. Grand Champion: 55%
    2. Reserve Grand Champion: 25%
    3. 1st Place in each of the 4 categories: 5%

To sign up, go to the BBQ Contest Facebook Page and send them a message. Sign up today!

A big THANK YOU to Jeff at Hy-Vee, to Casey’s Stores and to JBC Custom Vinyl!