The measure of a community can best be demonstrated by how well they work together to continually improve the quality of life in their area. Clearly, no other Iowa community can better demonstrate the results of working together to seize opportunities to provide a balanced life than Osceola.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IN CLARKE COUNTY OSCEOLA IOWAWe have improved our community by proactively developing the aquatic center, recreational complex and our school system. We have nurtured our development by attracting high quality companies that provide a great diversity of working opportunities for our residents.

Our Main Street program continues to create opportunities for retail development and expansion. Further, the area has expanded its parks and recreational areas significantly over the past few years with much more on the way. Osceola has created an environment for living that is unsurpassed in our area. Osceola has created fertile ground from which to create a balanced life.

For more information or answers to your southern Iowa community development questions, please contact the Clarke County Development Corporation offices at 115 E Washington Street, P.O. Box 426, Osceola, IA 50213 | Phone: 641-342-2944, Email: [email protected]