Whether it is through the state-of-the-art Computerized Tomography (CT) scanner or the wide range of specialty physicians providing your personalized care, Clarke County Hospital provides quality, service and convenience to you and your family. Clarke County Hospital is another reason that make Clarke County the ideal location for you, your family and your business.

osceola clarke county quality of lifeEverything we do is focused on the experience you or your loved one has while being treated at Clarke County Hospital. We work hard to explain every step of your treatment and/or care by giving you the reason for why we do certain things. Recent patient satisfaction surveys have shown that our quality measures are working.

Patient care

Whether you are recovering from surgery or an illness, we boast quality nursing care and a multidisciplinary approach to your recovery. Nursing staff work closely with physical therapy, social services, case management, respiratory therapy and pharmacy, as well as your physicians, to manage your individual care. We work collaboratively to formulate a plan, and to make sure that you are progressing.


Clarke County Hospital has two large state-of-the-art operating rooms. Each is equipped to provide for a variety of surgical procedures, including orthopedics, cataract, ENT, podiatric, urological and general surgeries. Our patients receive the best in pre- and post-operative care. Our surgical nurses are experienced and compassionate – close to home.

Specialty Clinics

Clarke County Hospital offers numerous specialty clinics that bring well-known physicians to our area for the convenience and good health of our communities. Those specialty clinics include cardiology, ENT, general surgery, Iowa Specialty Physicians, OB/GYN, oncology, podiatry, pulmonology, urology and vascular services.

Most of the clinics are managed by our Outpatient Clinic Coordinator, who acts as a liaison for physician, patient and the hospital. Our diagnostic, laboratory and pharmacy professionals work with these physicians to give you the best of care experiences.

For thousands of south central Iowa residents, Clarke County Hospital is the first point of emergency care. Our Emergency Services Department has the best available resuscitation equipment, access to on-site surgical staff and digital imaging including x-ray and CT scans. All these tools are available to help the emergency doctor and your primary physician with your care. This means that we are staffed to meet the emergency needs of your family. More than 3,500 patients depend on Clarke County Emergency Services each year to provide the expertise and resources to diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions.