Eight Clarke School teachers will travel to China this summer to collaborate with host teachers and exchange ideas in education.

Shijiazhuang Foreign Education Group, a private school of about 12,000 students ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade, will welcome the teachers for 2 weeks in July 2017. The Clarke school teachers will spend their mornings co-teaching in Shijiazhuang’s classrooms and then collaborating with their peers on lesson plans in the afternoons. Both schools are looking forward to learning additional strategies and techniques to help students excel.

clarke teacher exchange to chinaThe Clarke teachers are excited to have the opportunity to experience the educational system in China and to see firsthand how children are educated in another country. Through this partnership with Shijiazhuang Foreign Education Group, the eight teachers hope to blend the more textbook-concentrated approach in China with the hands-on approach of Clarke Community schools. Collaborating on lesson plans and teaching techniques will afford a new, more effective approach to teaching for both schools as well as a more global understanding of the challenges faced in school districts around the world.

This is an amazing opportunity for our teachers to gain experience outside of Osceola and to see how children are educated in another country,” said Steve Seid, Clarke Community Schools’ Superintendent. “Participating in the different culture in and out of the school setting can only help Clarke’s educators establish more effective ways to ready our students for the world outside of Osceola.”

The eight teachers traveling to China this summer are:

  • Molly Jackson – 7th Language Arts/8th Technology
  • Jeff Ehrhardt – 7th Math/7th P.E
  • Lori Ehrhardt – 7th Science/7th Technology
  • Kayleen McCann – Physical Education
  • Cindy Norman – 2nd Grade
  • Fallon Reicks – ELL
  • Jennifer Scott – High School Counselor
  • Paula Reece – High School T.A.G.

Clarke Community Schools has been given many fortunate opportunities through their new relationship with Shijiazhuang Foreign Education Group. Superintendent Steve Seid was invited in October 2016 to present at a global conference on literacy, at which 500 educators from 15 countries shared ideas on strengthening global literacy. This year, Clarke Middle School Principal Jeff Sogard will also travel to Shijiazhuang for the October 2017 conference and will make a presentation on the arts in education.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Shijiazhuang exchange program, please contact Superintendent Steve Seid via email or call the district office at (641) 342-4969.