When do people start referring to a team in terms of “Dynasty,” two consecutive winning seasons, three? After the decidedly strong win over Saydel Monday, the Clarke Lady Indians softball team may be destined for the label.

Clarke Lady Indians Softball DynastyEven after losing valuable starters from last season, Clarke arrived in Knoxville with a .500 record ready to own the field. Saydel started out by loading the bases in the first inning, but Clarke sophomore Sydnee Redman shut them down with authority in a fantastic display of defensive pitching.

After capitalizing on Saydel errors in the bottom of the first, the Clarke ladies virtually owned the Eagles, scoring 3 runs. With a complete team effort, the Kindreds, Sidney Marker, Vanessa Bakley, Chynna Beydler, Kassidy Spurgin and others ran the field like a well oiled machine, mowing down Saydel in a blowout 9-2 victory.

This is the third trip to the State tourney in as many years, and the Lady Indians don’t look to stop there. With a strong junior and underclass presence in Monday’s game, they show that the upcoming players can build the team into a bona fide Dynasty for Clarke.

“The first two years it was kind of a big deal,” Bakley said about going to state. “But now it’s just like it’s Clarke softball, it’s something we do. We’re there all the time.”

Yes. That’s Dynasty talk, there.

We couldn’t be more proud of our Clarke Ladies! We’re excited to see what they have to show us (and their opponents) at state!  ON TO STATE!

Check out the full story over at the Osceola Sentinel for more details on the game and stats.

Photo credit: Scott Vicker (@ScottVicker on Twitter)