clarke students tour manufacturers

Denis Weiser, General Manager at Miller Products, Co. talks about the involved CNC Manufacturing process with Clarke students.

October is National Manufacturer’s Month and high school students from Osceola, Iowa’s Clarke Community School district spent some time learning how their community is supported through local manufacturers.

Companies like Miller Products, makers of pins and fasteners as well as international provider of CNC and Swiss CNC machined parts opened their doors to give the students a taste of what manufacturing means and a chance to see some of the processes in action right on the plant floor.

Forty-three Clarke students spent time touring the plant and discussing what manufacturing means to the Miller staff. From screw machining and assembly of Miller’s stock pins and fasteners to advanced CNC programming, machining, drafting, quality control, sorting, and shipping; the students each took in the various processes.

“It’s important to see what really goes into the making of each these parts,” said Dave Lyden, Clarke’s Industrial Technology Instructor. “It gives the students a deeper understanding of the processes they’re learning in our classrooms.”

Miller Products has been a staple business for the city of Osceola, Iowa since its move there in the early 1960’s. Employing a team of over 45 members from around the county, as well as being a founding member of Clarke Community Schools’ Industrial Tech Advisory Board, Miller’s investment into the strength and stability of the community is strong.

“We have a commitment to our community,” said Jack McFarland, owner and President of Miller Products. “With the right attitude and right commitment, we’ll make sure our employees have a job and a future they can depend on.”

manufacturing businesses in osceola, iowaMcFarland knows. The Miller team has numerous employees that have been with the company for 20, 30, even 40 years and more.

As part of their Industrial Technology classes, the Clarke students spent much of two days touring manufacturers from around Osceola, Iowa. Including Miller Products, Co., the students spent valuable time at Clarke Electric Cooperative, Altec, Salford Manufacturing, Iowa Steel, and SIMCO Drilling Equipment, INC.

“Manufacturing is the heart and soul of Clarke County,” said Bill Trickey, Executive Director of the Clarke County Development Corporation. “With the advisory board and the commitment of the school district, Clarke County can count on a strong workforce for the future growth of our county.”

For additional information about the Clarke Community School’s Industrial Technology Program or to join the Advisory Board contact Clarke Community Schools at 641-342-4969, Dave Lyden – [email protected]. Additional information can be found through the Clarke County Development Corporation at