We’ve recently seen (and heard) great news for Clarke County. Specifically in the regional and national coverage of Murray’s “diamond in the rough” radio station 91.9 KSOI. Not only did Central Iowa’s largest news station, KCCI, come out to cover Joe Hynek and his dream station in action, but Harry Smith and the NBC Nightly News team came out to run their feature.

Being recognized for your passion is a great experience, but to have media clamor over you in back-to-back features is an incredible blessing. With the help of a supportive community as well as grant support from the Clarke County Development Corporation, Murray’s little radio station has a lot to be proud of. From bringing an extended community together in this digital world to putting a spotlight on the hard work of volunteers, KSOI proves hard work and commitment can get you anywhere in the World – or at least as far as your broadcast tower will transmit.

Check out the stories as they were first shown on KCCI and NBC Nightly News. See if you can find Grandma Perry, Doctor Kimball and Bill Trickey, as well as students from Murray Community Schools giving the community a heaping dose of much deserved pride.

“Eric Hanson’s This is Iowa” KCCI Feature on Murray Radio Station, 91.9 KSOI

This video and media originally aired on KCCI TV, Des Moines, Iowa – © All Rights Reserved – KCCI TV Des Moines Iowa

“The Little Radio Station That Could” – Harry Smith and NBC Nightly News Feature on Murray Radio Station, 91.9 KSOI

This video and media originally aired on NBC Nightly News – © All Rights Reserved – NBC Nightly News

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