osceola hospital imaging equipmentGreat things are happening at Clarke County Hospital. Not only are we seeing tremendous progress with the renovation project, but their focus on technology and medical advances to help Osceola and all of the residents in Clarke County is making headlines!

If you missed it, on WHO Channel 13’s Wednesday news at 5pm, reporter Stephanie Moore featured the new imaging and ultrasound equipment Osceola’s Clarke County Hospital recently installed and started offering for patent use. The technology is first of it’s kind throughout Midwest. You won’t find it at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota nor in medical facilities in Kansas City or even Des Moines. It’s an innovation solely found in our own Clarke County Hospital.

Here is the news story.

Next time you see one of your neighbors that works at the hospital, tell them “Good Job,” and “Thank you,” for all of the hard work and support they provide Osceola residents, Clarke County, and Southern Iowa as a whole.