Clarke County Development Corporation’s (CCDC) Free Land Incentive program continues to entice developers and individuals to help grow the city of Osceola. And through some recent discussions with local banks, there is even more benefit available to those looking to build a future in the area.

Four lots have recently been purchased through the CCDC Free Land Incentive program. Two lots right next to each other have been purchased by a local developer who is building single-family spec homes to help encourage more residential development. Another lot was purchased in the Country Club addition by a Developer from the Omaha area. The fourth lot, purchased by Don and Michelle Billington, private citizens wanting to build a new home in Osceola, broke ground just last week. The family was able to take advantage of the free land incentive program on their own, without a developer, and are now building their own single-family dream home with their own builder. A side benefit is their existing home will be added to the local real estate market, allowing another young couple to acquire their first home.

“When we were looking at the lot,” Billington said while walking the freshly dug lot, “We learned our plans and the lot fit the free land program and were able to use the money saved as part of the down payment on the development. That helped move things along so much faster, it’s been a quite an eye-opening experience.”

With approved plans, virtually anyone can take advantage of this amazing incentive program, thanks to local banks in Osceola. All three banks – Clarke County State Bank, American State Bank, and Great Western Bank – have approved a plan through CCDC’s land program. This allows individuals to secure financing for building a new home by using a lot from the CCDC program as a down payment. This also allows more flexibility and gives the families or individuals the opportunity to control more aspects of the construction – from selecting the plot of land to choosing the builder, all the way through deciding who finances the build.

Approval for the free land incentive program is a simple 4-step process:

  1. Select an approved lot within Osceola city limits
  2. Have development / building plans approved by the City
  3. Acquire financing solutions (easier with the trade on the land value)
  4. Get a development permit stating construction will begin within 45 days of issuance

In many recent years the City has issued just a single building permit. So far in 2017, including the four lots from the free land incentive, building permits have been issued for 9 properties with more in the proposal stages. With the Free Land Incentive program working with local banks, developers and individuals now have the chance to build their dream homes in Osceola and become a part of one of the greatest communities in South-Central Iowa.

An exciting part of this program, outside the latest 4 properties,” Bill Trickey, Executive Director of the Clarke County Development Corporation stated, “We still have funding available to offer lots through the ‘Free Land Incentive’ to keep Osceola’s growth going.”

For more information on the Free Land Incentive program and to see what opportunities are available to you, contact Bill Trickey at the Clarke County Development Corporation 115 E Washington St, Osceola, IA 50213, email [email protected] or call 641-342-2944.