Osceola sidewalks and walkways need some TLC, but we can’t do it without YOU! It’s time to Walk the Block with your neighbors!

Click the image to download the flyer.

Click the image to download the flyer.

Last year, Osceola City Council approved a new program called “Walk the Block” that will benefit Osceola and all of its residents. When residents work together to help improve the sidewalks and walkways throughout the city, those participants can be reimbursed for some of their costs.

Bill Trickey reports “We have had a number of inquiries about sidewalks as people have seen this year’s safe route sidewalk addition. While we can’t do the 6 foot wide safe route everywhere, this does provide assistance with those who would like a new sidewalk on their block.”

By participating in the “Walk the Block” program, residents partner with the City of Osceola and the Clarke County Development Corporation to help create more attractive neighborhoods and a safer environment for bikes and pedestrians. You can help your community become – and stay – healthier while instilling in the next generation the importance and ease of fitting physical activity into everyday life. Research shows that those who walk regularly, even at a 2 mph pace, lower their risk of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and many other deadly conditions. It’s a great habit to start and the whole family can join in the fun!

This program also provides an opportunity to get to know your neighbors, to work together toward a common goal, and to foster a feeling of TRUE “community”! By pooling resources and working together, neighborhoods can become real neighbors in every sense of the word and create a safer, more welcoming environment. Repairing/replacing sidewalks make neighborhoods more attractive to buyers, potentially raising property values, benefiting all who live there. And with the sidewalk assistance program, costs to homeowners are greatly reduced!

The “Walk the Block” program allows the city of Osceola to reimburse each property owner $14 per linear foot of sidewalk constructed, up to $1,000. In turn, the Clarke County Development Corporation will reimburse the city for 50% of the City’s costs. Neighbors working together can drastically improve the look and safety of Osceola for all residents.

To apply for the Walk the Block program, or for more information on how you can help, contact the Osceola City Hall at 641-342-3956.