farmers market guide southern iowaThe Southern Iowa Resource Conservation and Development Area (SIRC&D) has been working with local growers and farmers market developers within many southern Iowa counties to create a comprehensive guide for locally grown foods and events where local products can be found. The result is a very useful digital brochure listing markets throughout the southern counties as well as local growers who sell their good to the community.

Iowa spends approximately 7.2 billion dollars on food from out of state. If every Iowan spent $10,00 a week on local food, 1.5 billion dollars would stay in Iowa. By supporting local farmers and growers, we can support sustainable food practices that improve health, the environment, community ties, and local commerce.

Through their efforts, the SIRD&C hope to reduce the money spent on food and produce grown outside Iowa and bring that revenue back into the local economy. With the use of this brochure, you will be able to find a convenient, local farmers market or grower to supply fresh produce and more.

The counties covered in the brochure are:

  • Adair County
  • Adams County
  • Clarke County
  • Decatur County
  • Bedford County
  • Union County

Click this link or the image above to download your guide today!

For more information or if you have questions, you can contact Alexis Groumoutis, Local Foods Coordinator, Southern Iowa Local Foods Initiative Project Coordinator, Quality of Life Projects in partnership with University of Iowa Office of Outreach and Engagement, Address: Southern Iowa Resource Conservation & Development, 609 New York Avenue, Suite B, PO Box 343, Creston, IA 50801. Web page:, email: [email protected]