In an effort to grow the city of Osceola and to draw more businesses and residents to Clarke County, the need for a safe, secure and sufficient water supply to sustain the area well into the future has become evident.

With the current water supply, Osceola isn’t able to support a new large business or the expansion of any business already located in the area. Osceola has positioned itself already as a successful manufacturing community, but won’t be able to draw more businesses to Clarke County without being able to ensure sufficient water supply for company operations as well as the workers that would come with it.

clarke county reservoir development update

The city of Osceola is continually growing and is quickly being recognized as Iowa’s “diamond in the rough” for new residents and businesses, alike. A hub for travelers with a small-town feel and big-city access, Osceola has nearly all the amenities a desirable community needs.

  • Clarke Community Schools continue to lead the way through technology, international partnerships and outstanding teachers.
  • Over the last several years, the community has taken great steps to improve the parks and trails systems as well as creating the Safe Route to School program to allow students to walk or bike to school safely from anywhere in the city.
  • Residential and industrial incentives are inviting more and more businesses and current commuters to put down roots in Osceola.
  • Amtrak stops in Osceola, and the intersection of Highway 34 and Interstate 35 also run through the city, providing quick and easy access to Des Moines, Kansas City and Chicago.

With such potential for growth, there’s no doubt the reservoir is a necessity to sustain businesses and residents. The current water supply from West Lake should only draw about 800,000 gallons a day to protect against imposing water restrictions during drought conditions, but the needs of residents and businesses actually draw almost 1.2 million gallons daily. If Osceola hopes to attract new business and the resulting workers and their families, it will need to be prepared to support the safe water needs projected for the future.

The water supply from West Lake is able to support larger businesses like Valley of the Moon and Osceola Foods right now,” said Dave Beck, Project Coordinator for the CCRC. “But any kind of strain on the water supply could adversely affect their operations and put off any other larger employers from considering Osceola as a place to put down roots. A safe, secure and reasonably affordable water supply is something that could really support growth of a small manufacturing town.”

For more information about the Clarke County Reservoir project, you can contact Dave Beck, Project Coordinator for the Clarke County Reservoir Commission, 641-782-4033, or [email protected].