Osceola is famous for their 4th of July celebration. From the carnival atmosphere to one of the biggest parades and fireworks shows in south-central Iowa, the celebration put on by the Osceola 4th of July Committee is second to none. And over the past few years, the heart that’s been put into the celebration has been boosted with the blessing of 5-year old Jovee Blakely, Osceola’s youngest and likely most passionate philanthropist.

On Sunday afternoon, KCCI TV-8’s Marcus McIntosh traveled to Osceola just to see all the hubub over young Jovee’s lemonade stand.

Check out the story below:

The following video originally aired on KCCI TV-8 and KCCI.com

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With state-wide recognition as well as Facebook Posts from other newscasters mentioning Jovee and Fern Underwood, Osceola can certainly take pride in the spectacular people that come together to make their city better for everyone – for young and old.

As we mentioned before, Osceola is famous for their 4th of July celebration… Much of that fame is due to the people of Osceola volunteering their time, their money, and their hearts to make a community all can take pride in.

Congratulations Osceola on another spectacular Independence Day celebration!