Do you own a building that is so far beyond repair that demolition would be a mercy?

Structures that fall into disuse and disrepair can fall apart pretty quickly, making them nothing more than hazards and eyesores. But demolition can get a bit costly.
house demolition assistance clarke county

So what are your options?

In an effort to make a significant difference in the appearance of – and pride in – Clarke County, the Clarke County Development Corporation (CCDC) is taking Demolition Grant Applications to help with costs of removal of dilapidated and dangerous structures around the county. The CCDC will fund up to 50% of the demolition fees – not including disposal and haul-away – of these properties no longer serving a purpose – only posing a safety and sanitation risk for the community.

Applicants to the “Paint the Town Red” demolition grant program must follow these guidelines to be considered for the grant award:

  1. The property must be a residential, rental or commercial property located in Clarke County and visible from city streets and roadways. Governmental properties are NOT eligible.
  2. The application must be completed and submitted by the 1st of the month to be considered. The application must be approved by the CCDC Board BEFORE demolition work begins.
  3. Attach your chosen contractor’s written estimate of demolition to the application. List landfill costs separately.
  4. Include a photo of the property, a description of the work to be done, and the expected finished appearance.
  5. CCDC will provide their approved reimbursement amount upon completion of the demolition. The applicant must submit a receipt as proof of payment as well as a photo of the completed project.
  6. Once demolition is complete, the property owner is expected to maintain the property at or above all existing and future applicable ordinances and codes.

Clarke County is full of growing and vibrant communities but your help is needed to continue the betterment of Osceola and surrounding cities. That’s why CCDC is offering this financial assistance to help make Clarke County as beautiful to outsiders as it is to current Clarke County residents.

Do you have a residential, rental or commercial structure that needs to come down? Contact Clarke County Development Corporation and submit a Demolition Grant Application today!  Help make Clarke County beautiful!

You can start by downloading the demolition application today. Chick here to get started.

For more information, contact Bill Trickey or Elizabeth Simpson at The Clarke County Development Corporation – 641-342-2944 or email: [email protected]